Who We Serve - Programs Offered

Types of Programs Offered

Metamorphosis Coaching offers three different levels of programs explained below:


This is the most basic type of program, based upon a specific topic, such as the example “careful communication skills to enhance world-class service.” Workshops can be customized to take place during a lunch hour or expand to a few hours. The main take-away from a workshop is some specific values and exercises based upon the ideas that are shared.


Dives a bit deeper into a specific topic. Ideas, values and exercises are blended with examples and discussion. Exercises are incorporated to support ideas and values. Training is also customized, however, because it requires a greater learning curve, and typically requires at least one-half day to facilitate learning. In many cases, training will require numerous sessions.

Coaching Engagements

Learn the most about yourself, practice and acquire new skills by entering into a rewarding coaching engagement of 3 or more months. Mastering new skills requires personalized strategy and practice time. Coaching engagements are extremely rewarding for those willing to make this level of commitment. First, make the experience more meaningful and personalized by learning about yourself through an assessment or two, coupled with in-depth clarification of your goals. Then, co-create an exciting development plan, with some input from your personal coach (thinking partner) that will leverage your strengths and target one or more learning areas. Finally, practice and share your insights, tweak your style as necessary and enhance your performance. Strategy, support, and accountability are the building blocks of a coaching relationship with Metamorphosis Coaching!