Systems Expedite Success in 2024

Systems Expedite Success in 2024

by Doni Landefeld, Ph.D., ACPEC

Happy New Year and may your 2024 be off to a magnificent start! One way you may get your organization to the next level is through the acquisition of a system to attract star performers. We call this “Hire Right the First Time©” and are excited to roll out a new system to help organizations enhance their hiring and selection processes. Our “why” for offering this service is four-fold:

  1. To help organizations hire high-performing employees
  2. Streamline the hiring process
  3. Reduce turnover
  4. Save money

“Systems are for those who care about winning repeatedly” – James Clear 

“Hire Right the First Time” consists of three steps: an audit of your current system, creating or updating competencies, and using assessments to determine cultural fit and more. For more information on our comprehensive system DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE HERE.

Last month we talked about “Knowing Thyself” as the first step every leader must take to be effective. One strategy to this end is through the use of assessments to reveal the big picture of how leaders think, feel and behave. Many organizations use one or two assessments, but few rarely use a cluster to reveal how leaders think, feel, and are motivated to do what they do.

One step of “Hire Right the First Time” includes using three different assessments, powered by Hogan Assessment insights. This trinity of insights reveals a candidate’s motives, values, preferences, personality, strengths, and risks/dark tendencies. For a limited time, we are offering this trio of assessments at a special promotional price. 

To learn more, schedule a call with us. 

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