My coaching experience has been truly transformative, providing invaluable insights that have significantly impacted both my personal and professional life. The realization of the importance of empathy, heightened attention to others' feelings, and the avoidance of imposing my personal style on others were eye-opening revelations during our time together. Coaching has empowered me with a deep understanding of self, unravelling personal saboteurs and instilling a powerful practice of intercepting them. The 'pause/notice/choose' mantra has become a guiding principle, fostering a proactive approach over a reactive one. The development of a strategic action plan has been instrumental in cultivating a profound self-awareness. The newfound habits acquired include thorough preparation before meetings, heightened awareness, embracing self-reflection, exploring others' perspectives, and daily planning. These habits have not only enhanced my professional efficiency but have also contributed to personal growth. My belief system has undergone a positive transformation, acknowledging that self-reflection is a milestone, adopting the 10% rule in interpersonal relationships, and engaging in more thoughtful interactions. Discovering the impact of personal values on choices has been a profound learning experience. The coaching methodology, characterized by drawing out my thoughts, presenting alternative perspectives, fostering awareness, and challenging thought processes, has been remarkably effective. My personal journey through coaching has been immensely rewarding and a life-changing experience. I am now a CEO and President who leads with newfound insights, ready to face challenges with a deeper understanding of myself and others.
Rick R.
President/CEO, Flint, MI
I appreciate how thoughts can act as your friend or enemy depending upon perspective. Keeping a positive perspective during unsettling times is important and I didn't know how to quiet my mind and consistently practice optimism. The Positive Intelligence program has given me the "vehicle" I've been searching for so my thoughts more reliably serve me as my friend, which has helped improve my performance while reducing stress.
Ft. Myers, FL
I approached Doni about doing leadership training for my medium-sized business’s management team. We completed the Positive Intelligence program and learned more effective ways of working together to problem-solve, to identify issues that hold us back both individually and as a team, and strategies for overcoming obstacles. The program affords daily on-line interactions amongst the team and weekly group sessions, ably led by Doni. I wholeheartedly recommend Doni’s Positive Intelligence program for any business to improve working relationships, enhance productivity and reduce stress.”
Johnathan Daitch, M.D.
President/Founder of Advanced Pain Management Specialists, Ft. Myers
My favorite aspect was the unique way the program is broken up into bite size pieces. It takes you through the methodology step by step so you can savor every component slowly. Doni is a phenomenal coach with empathy being her strongest skill. She was able to teach me empathy for myself and others which were key to my success. I am much more fulfilled in both my personal and professional life, as I am now recognizing the positive aspects of my life outweigh the negative. I was never able to see that before as a I was way too hard on myself and even others, to a certain degree. I have re-structured the way I approach my job which makes me calmer and more self-assured. Most of all I am happier because I now have a new way of thinking which I was unable to achieve on my own.
S.W. – Cape Coral, FL
Director for Molina Healthcare
I was lucky for two reasons, that the office provided for international coaching on an experimental basis and because I was assigned to Doni. During the last year I felt listened to, thought about, and encouraged to look at obstacles differently. I feel that every meeting was able to bring something new and useful, and I rarely felt like it was happening electronically over an ocean and six time zones. I strongly recommend her.
Joshua L., Commercial Specialist
Milan, Italy
PQ Bootcamp is a life-changing experience that provides insight into what makes each of us tick and why we have a tendency to sabotage ourselves when communicating with others. Doni's ability to listen, question, re-direct, coach and work one-on-one with each participant (whether in a group or one-one) to bring about change is what makes the program. I highly recommend bootcamp!
Ft. Myers, FL
Doni has been truly amazing to work with. I have completed the PQ (Positivity Intelligence) course with her and am staying with her to continue to get great insights into developing my personal and professional self. Each meeting is preceded by a questionnaire about what topics we want to address in that session. Its then customized to meet the needs of everyone who participates. I would recommend Doni as a personal and professional coach to anyone looking for insight into themselves on a self-actualization journey.
Kathy Rossi
I had two areas in mind (career and dissertation) and I was not disappointed by the outcome. I was given the leeway to set goals with gentle nudging from Dr. Landefeld and open-ended questions to move me forward. The BAM and strengths list has been invaluable to me. I was able to reach my goals of developing a good representation of what I have to offer to potential employees for my career change. I was also able to have a sounding board for my dissertation frustrations and run my ideas by Dr. Landefeld. She also offered advice here and there about possible solutions without being overbearing and the final decisions were left to me. I am grateful for the experience and I would definitely recommend Metamorphosis Coaching, LLC to my family and friends!
Missouri City, TX
The one-on-one exchange of ideas, methods, and viewpoints were most beneficial to me. Doni is well-prepared. Her knowledge and care are obvious in her presentation. She’s a real pro.
P. Bondi
Bonita Springs, FL
Doni has a vision, a positive personality and is full of enthusiasm and energy. She accepts challenges and confronts obstacles by breaking them down into easy, attainable goals. Doni has been a great mentor and enjoys working through and helping you achieve your goals; her attitude is “can-do.” Her follow-though skills are superior and she is a person who is committed to helping you achieve what you want in life both personally and professionally. She is down-to-earth, easy to talk to and always stays on top of goals.
Nikki Gaston
Elkins Park, PA