What We Do and Why

Are you ready for a leadership transformation?

Inspire – Influence – Impact

Our Why?

We believe great leaders are not always born, they are more often created. We’re on a mission to transform the performance and well-being of leaders and their teams, one individual at a time. Each of our coaches has served in leadership positions and knows firsthand the pressures to perform and achieve in a world that is changing faster than ever. Our team of 7 coach consultants is strategically located across the US and Ireland, serving mid to executive-level leaders to elevate them in 3 areas: performance and productivity, working relationships, and well-being. Our services include coaching, training, consulting, assessments and a new hiring and selection service. The two platforms we use are Positive Intelligence™ to go to the root cause of how leaders get in their way and after laying a foundation in Positive Intelligence™ (PQ for short), we typically segue into growing leaders emotional intelligence. We like to say that PQ + EQ = New you!

What is Professional Coaching?

There are many definitions circulating that attempt to describe the different types of coaching. But first, it is helpful to understand what coaching is not, and how it differs from the following helping professions:


Therapy is designed to diagnose and heal emotional/mental dysfunction. Coaching supports fully functioning and capable individuals to make desired change and move forward.


Consulting targets a specific issue where the consultant makes recommendations and then it is up to the client to implement the recommendations. Coaching, through careful questioning and feedback, emphasizes the client’s input and internal motivation; this method is great for long-term retention and quite effective in changing a behavior AND helps to draw out the expertise in the client.


Mentoring involves a relationship between a more experienced individual and a less experienced protégé, where experiences are shared. Coaching may draw on some experiences of the coach, but the emphasis is client-centered and the coach’s purpose is to be a thinking partner to provide strategy, support and facilitate accountability for the client so they may enhance performance in a targeted area.


Training is usually short-term to impart specific knowledge. Coaching is a longer-term partnership between a coach and client, and is typically more effective in changing behavior because strategies are practiced, slowly acquired, and reinforced. Just like when we were all in school, at any level, learning becomes more permanent from shorter, repetitive sessions, NOT from cramming as much into one or two meetings!


“Coaching is an ongoing relationship between a professional coach and client. It is the process of helping high performing or high-potential individuals maximize their personal and professional potential. Professional coaches are not just for top athletes, speakers, musicians, or politicians, but also for top-performing business professionals. – Dr. Doni Landefeld”

A “personal coach” is typically hired by an individual, while an “executive coach” is typically hired by an organization to work with one or more employees. We provide both types of coaching and customize a program according to each client.