Who We Serve

Who We Serve


Metamorphosis Coaching contracts with individuals, groups, or teams to customize coaching engagements, short-term training, or workshops. Our target market consists of professionals from small and medium-sized businesses and organizations who want to achieve new levels of performance, especially in the areas of leadership and management development. Within the domain of leadership and management development, areas that are specifically leveraged and developed include communication skills and emotional intelligence skills that are meaningful according to client personality preferences. Specific examples of profiles include:


Whether you are a newly promoted leader within your organization or a seasoned leader who needs to learn some new skills to maintain your effective edge, there is always room to grow and become more accomplished. In fact, the most successful leaders and managers are those who push a little more to learn new strategies and master different leadership styles that will make them more resilient and prepared for different situations. It can be “lonely” when you’re at the top and don’t have someone to confide in and help guide you in making decisions that are strategic and appropriate. Even for those organizations that have supportive Human Resources departments, hiring a coach will help facilitate your accountability, and provide the support and strategy to enhance your performance.


Groups bring two or more individuals together to learn and grow within a specific concentration. Programs are developed based upon demand, so if there is an area in which you are especially interested, please make a request! Group coaching engagements are an especially terrific opportunity for individuals who are new to coaching. There are numerous benefits to this type of coaching – it’s affordable, the dynamics create a fun atmosphere and promote more diverse learning because of the different viewpoints shared, and the interactions with others enable everyone to practice and learn some coaching skills that they can apply within their workplace. Group engagements can be delivered in-person or in an online environment. Please call for more details.


Similar to coaching groups, brings two or more individuals together, however the concentration will narrow to focus upon mutual goals and skills that will enhance performance for the team. Individuals who comprise a team know one another at least a little, and operate within a hierarchy of roles within their organization. Teams may be interested in topics such as shared values, effective communication, avoiding conflict, team culture to name a few common areas.

Where do Clients Come From?

Clients have included small business owners who needed some polishing on their speaking skills to mid-level executives who were referred by Human Resources to acquire more considerate leadership skills that would motivate and inspire their staff. Metamorphosis Coaching considers clients who aspire to improve their skills in the following areas:

  • Communication Skills
  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Conflict
  • Emotional Intelligence