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I coach individuals and groups or teams. If you are looking for a customized workshop, I have delivered on topics including communication skills, emotional intelligence, personality preferences and the impact of these areas in the workplace.

Every coaching engagement or workshop is customized. I am a small business owner and take pride in serving a quality experience to a select quantity. I am most interested in coaching engagements in the following areas:

Newly Promoted Leaders or Managers

The learning curve is huge when you are promoted to a position of leadership where you are overseeing one or many. I experienced first-hand when I was only 24 years old, that there is much to conquer (and learn) to be an effective leader. And although there is a distinct difference between managing and leading, it is essential to understand both. There are times when the day-to-day operations will trump long-term, visionary goals, but balancing the transactional management duties with transformational leadership and some other basics are a must-know if you want to excel as an emerging leader.

Beyond Leadership 101

If you are a mid-level manager/leader or higher, there’s always more to learn about yourself and those you oversee. There is a reason the literature database is overwhelming and never-ending in the world of leadership. There is a ton to know and there is no cookie-cutter approach to mastery! Leadership resides in the mind of those who follow, so it is critical to know your audience and polish interpersonal relationship skills. You must have different tools to choose from and you must “Lead Yourself First” to effectively lead others.

Teams & Groups

Coaching teams engages two or more individuals who work together, know one another at least a little and have hierarchical roles within their organization. There will likely be some mutual goals and skills that a team focuses upon to enhance their performance, but need some guidance to determine the best methodology and steps. Group coaching has some parallels in the fact that more than one client is involved and more individuals will mean more dynamics and a collective sharing of ideas, however the main relationship with a group will be the topic in which each individual aspires to learn and grow.

Effective Communication

Although this is a theme that likely appears throughout many of the engagements at Metamorphosis Coaching, it is a specialty and preferred area. Why? Because everything that impacts relationships that we all must deal with in our professional and personal lives, hinges upon communication that is careful, considerate, and comprehensive. But there is much more than just employing the aforementioned “3C’s.” This is where understanding personal preferences and their impact upon others is paramount. Communication influences others, and also implicates decision-making, conflict management, and change initiative.