What We Do - Services

Services Provided

We coach individuals, groups and teams. If you are looking for a customized workshop or training, we welcome the opportunity! Preferred topics include communication skills, time management, emotional intelligence and any of its 15 skill areas, mental resilience, and how these areas impact the workplace and leaders.

Every coaching engagement or workshop is customized. We take pride in providing exquisite client support and service. Coaching engagements for leaders include:

Newly Promoted Leaders or Managers

The learning curve is extensive when you are promoted to a leadership position where you oversee one or many. Each of our coaches has served in leadership positions and knows first-hand the pressures to perform and achieve in a world that is changing faster than ever. Although there is a distinct difference between managing and leading, it is essential to understand both. There are times when the day-to-day operations will outpace the long-term, visionary goals, so balancing the transactional management duties with transformational leadership and some other basics is a must-know if you want to excel as an emerging leader.

For Seasoned Leaders

If you are a mid-level manager/leader or higher, there’s more to learn about yourself and those you oversee. There is a reason the literature database is overwhelming and never-ending in the world of leadership. There is a ton to know and there is no cookie-cutter approach to mastery! Leadership resides in the minds of those who follow, so it is critical to know your audience and polish interpersonal relationship skills. You must have different tools to choose from and you must “Lead Yourself First” to effectively lead others. We focus on your performance and productivity, working relationships and well-being.

Teams & Groups

Coaching teams engage three or more individuals who work together, know one another at least a little, and have hierarchical roles within their organization. There will likely be mutual goals and skills that a team focuses upon to enhance their performance, though they need guidance to determine the best methodology and steps. Group coaching has some parallels since more than one client is involved and more individuals are involved in fun dynamics and a collective sharing of ideas! The difference, however, is groups typically don’t work in the same organization though share similar outcome goals.