What We Do - Speaking

Speaking/Training Topics

  • Lead Yourself First™ – Mastery of Personal Leadership as a Pre-requisite to Effectively Lead Others
  • Emotional Intelligence – Tools and Tricks to Persuade, Influence, and Enhance Decision-Making, Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Listening Levels and Mastering Types of Listening to Improve Communication
  • Achieving More Impact and Engagement through Impactful Communication
  • Music, Mindfulness, and Well-Being – Tools and Tricks to Enhance your Happiness and Joy
  • The Optimist Advantage: Habits to Program Your Success and Build Resilience
  • Conquering your Lizard Brain: The Tools of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence for Conflict Management
  • Building World-Class Teams through Emotional Intelligence
  • Does True, Selfless Altruism Exist? Why People Give and How to Get Them to Give More!
  • What’s Behind That Smile? Leveraging Body Language and Positive Emotion to Increase Sales
  • Positive Intelligence: How to Build the Three Core Mental Muscles to Thrive During Challenging Times
  • Emotional Intelligence through Positive Intelligence: PQ + EQ = New You!